Ansira Chief Strategy Officer Offers Insight on AI’s Impact on Marketing

AI continues to influence strategy and execution but it’s also an early technology—with plenty of hype

August 6, 2018


Artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications will continue to disrupt and evolve marketing, but professionals don’t need to dust off their resumes any time soon.


While AI is changing the industry and empowering even more personalized real-time customer experiences, the innovation can’t replace human professionals. Chief marketing officers (CMOs) can leverage AI in new and exciting ways to better understand, and market to, their customers.


In an August 2018 report titled, “Artificial Intelligence Will Spark A Real Marketing Renaissance: CMOs Have A New Partner On The Horizon,” Forrester Research analysts take a deep dive into the ways in which AI is buoying the role of the CMO, impacting the customer experience, and creating new job opportunities. In the report, Trae Clevenger, Ansira’s chief strategy officer and EVP of analytics, is quoted about AI’s practical application.


“I’ve been looking at advanced analytics and predictive models as a practitioner for quite some time. While it’s true that AI is now enabling scale in real time, there’s a ridiculous amount of AI hype among consultancies and marketing software vendors,” Clevenger said.


How will AI solve marketing challenges, such as data analysis, talent recruiting, or resource optimization? Forrester analysts and subject matter experts like Clevenger explain it all.


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