Ansira Recognized as a Global Media Agency

The agency is included in an industry report and noted for integrating media services with data-driven creative execution

August 3, 2018


As brands focus on delivering relevant customer experiences, analysts from Forrester Research explain that their agency partner’s expertise and media-buying power will continue to play an important role in their marketing strategy.


In an effort to help chief marketing officers and brand decision makers identify the best media agency partner for their brand, Forrester released its August 3, 2018, report, “Media Agencies, Global Q3 2018.” Ansira was one of 34 global media agencies described in the report, and was named among “agencies that integrate media services with data-driven creative execution.” 


The report also cites Ansira as one of three vendors that are putting “data at the center of integrated creative and media execution, with both analytics and creative strategy as core capabilities.”


This is Ansira’s first time to be recognized by Forrester as a global media agency player. Ansira believes the association illuminates the agency’s commitment to building and strengthening its media services. 


“Ansira has assisted brands with marketing execution for 99 years, and we continue to evolve and deepen our media services,” explained Gabe Winslow, EVP of Media at Ansira. “It’s a distinct honor to be included in this Forrester industry report, and even more so to be recognized for data-driven marketing.”


The report: “Media Agencies, Global Q3 2018” is available for download here.