Ansira Wins Mirren Live New York Pitch Competition

We entered our brand-to-local expertise in a prestigious contest — and came out on top

May 9, 2018

Some get invited to the Royal Wedding. We get invited to the Mirren Live New York pitch competition, an event that invites select agencies to use their expertise to best solve a fictional (but totally possible) client business challenge.


This year, Ansira was among the agencies invited to present a strategy based on the following:


  • The Client: Amazon
  • The Company’s Goal: With the launch of Amazon Fresh and the acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon aspires to grow its business in the food space.
  • The Mirren Live Challenge: To devise a marketing plan to help the ecommerce giant expand its market share in the meal kit space. (Meal kits are subscription-based deliveries filled with pre-measured ingredients and cooking instructions.)

The Team

On May 8, Ansira CEO Daina Middleton, EVP of Marketing Technology Kelly Jo Sands, and Chief Strategy Officer Trae Clevenger took the stage in New York to deliver a 20-minute presentation on how Ansira would leverage its brand-to-local expertise to help Amazon expand its mastery into the meal kit niche. At the heart of Ansira’s approach is data, so the team presented this four-step solution:


  1. Compile data-driven customer intelligence.
  2. Effectively use the data to inform the strategy.
  3. Locally activate the strategy to reach the customers where they are.
  4. Assess the progress and optimize efforts over time. 

The Decision

There was a PowerPoint presentation. A video. And loads of applause. The judges went backstage to deliberate about which agency best met the challenge. Phrases like “there’s a clear winner” and “one agency went above and beyond” were used. And although we know the headline of this article gives it away, it’s still so much fun to write: Ansira was named the winner. (We won the 200-member audience vote, too.)


The Takeaway

Based on the reaction to our presentation, it’s evident that marketing professionals understand the value of a brand-to-local strategy. By taking into account the unique attributes of customers at the local level, even the biggest national brands can further expand their influence.